Who Is Cheetah Fusion?

We are a branding agency located in Barrie, helping small businesses with their marketing strategy and business development.

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We can help bring your unique brand to life!

Start with Strategy

Are you struggling with what to post on social media? What platforms are best for your industry? All good questions and we can help. The first step is to review with you, what is working and what is not. Next our creative agency would develop a plan that makes sense for you with a consistent and strategic approach that can get the results you want. Are you ready?


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Brand Recognition

Are you recognized as a brand of choice? What do we mean by this? Well, a cohesive look and feel and your messaging matches your brand culture. Ideally, consistency would mean that whether someone visits your website, your social media pages or a directory of any kind, your audience would immediately know.  Check us out and follow us on social!

Grow your business

Are you looking for quick tips, helpful strategies, and motivational ideas for your business? At Cheetah Fusion, we love to learn and do research in all areas of business, from social media, marketing, SEO and website design. Be sure to check out our monthly blog for the latest tips and best practices that you can integrate into your daily business activities.


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Adding Value to Your Business


DIY Canva Course Cheetah Fusion Creative Agency

DIY Canva Course

Are you creating your own social media posts and other digital marketing materials? If so, this mini online course could help you level-up your designs! 

Our downloadable webinar was created with you in mind. Click below for more info!


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Welcome to Founder's Forum, Your Monthly Think Tank. Powered by Cheetah Fusion Creative Agency


Founder’s Forum

Are you a highly motivated entrepreneur with a successful business? Do you enjoy meeting with other like-minded business professionals to talk shop?

Look no further! Join us at Founder’s Forum, a Think-Tank group to flesh out ideas, brainstorm and level-up your business Ideas!!


Custom Holiday Card Cheetah Fusion Creative Agency

Customized Cards

Are you great at sending out thank you cards to your clients, but have yet to get branded cards created?

We can help create your own unique design. Show your clients you care with a fun, modern or sophisticated style for your greeting cards. Sending a card is a beautiful way to show your gratitude!


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What a team! They are professional, creative and great listeners. They truly understood my needs and wants for my company and were able to help me refine my vision. In addition, they designed a banner that perfectly represented my travel business. I highly recommend them!

— Eleanor Dath,

Travel Specialist | Vision Travel

These ladies are not just a fusion but they are a FORCE to be reckoned with. With so much talent in branding, creativity, and web development, I have always had much success working with these ladies. From my new website, workshops I have attended, which helped launch 2 of my own journals, I can’t say enough great things about these ladies!

—  Jen CB,

Mindfulness Coach | JenCB.com

Heather and Penni at Cheetah Fusion Creative Agency, are a delight to work with. They have a natural talent of taking your ideas and then bringing them to life in their designs. For me, they take the stress out of marketing and branding. You’ll love working with them!

— Susan Shannon,

Chief Executive Officer | muniSERV