Founder’s Forum: Your Monthly Think Tank!

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Are you an entrepreneur, driven and highly motivated with a successful business that you want to take to the next level?  Wouldn’t it be great to connect with other driven business owners for accountability, or brainstorm and bounce ideas around with other like-minded business professionals?  That’s what we thought too.  So in May 2018, we started Founder’s Forum, a monthly Think Tank!
When we started our business, we immediately felt the power of coming together with another entrepreneur. We talk through our ideas, get some feedback, decide what makes sense and then move to action -it feels fantastic!  The biggest challenge we have as entrepreneurs is isolation and getting stuck in our own head!  Again, the very reason we created Founder’s Forum. 
At Cheetah Fusion Creative, we believe in the power of a team and having a THINK TANK where you can flush out and brainstorm your ideas, develop a solid plan and then take action because ultimately, you want to thrive and grow your business!
How does this work? Founder’s Forum is:
  • an intimate group of up to 8 Entrepreneurs
  • we meet the second Friday of each month for a half-day
  • the first half, is a workshop covering relevant topics such as; blog writing, social media, personal branding, marketing strategies.
  • the second half, we discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas and talk about possible options and solutions.

The results have been tremendous. Come on out and check out a session!  There is no obligation to attend every month. If you do, there’s no contract, you can simply pay-as-you-go. Register today!


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