We are firm believers in having a solid format in which to go about setting goals and process is very key! What we have also come to firmly believe is that your mind-set, your belief in self and your ability are critical elements needed to achieve your goals. You need to be crystal clear on what you want, what you value and that you truly have the skills, the strengths and the resources to make your goals happen.

How about we take a simple task that we can all relate to, like going grocery shopping. Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a grocery list? How did that work for you? If you are a task oriented person, you probably picked up a few necessities, but you likely forgot some of the items you, your spouse or your partner would like or needed, causing you to go out again, spending more time and money. You may wonder aimlessly through the store buying everything you see on sale, as you start to get hungry, so you pick up a lot of extra items, only to get home and forget the one thing at the top of your list –like MILK!! How could you forget the milk?? Well, if you had your list with you, chances are you would have gone in and picked up the items you need and you would have shopped in half the time.

Similarly, going through life or being in business without having clear, specific goals and a plan, is like throwing yourself to the wind and hoping you blow in the right direction! You may find yourself saying, “I need to lose about 20lbs, but I just don’t have time to exercise.” Or, if you’re in business, “I really need to start making more money, or I’m going to be in some trouble and I’ll have to go get a job –but how? I don’t even know where to start!” These are all things we hear from people all the time. Something many people don’t want to hear though, is that there is a specific process, an important link to, going from thinking about doing something or wanting to do somethingto actually making it happen!! 

We know that there is a psychological connection to starting projects, but never finishing them, getting a gym membership, maybe going for a few weeks, then you stop going. Perhaps you are in business and you don’t go after that big account.

Would you like to know what this is?

It’s not that you get busy and don’t have time. It’s not that it isn’t important to you or that you don’t want to. The biggest reason that you don’t finish that project, that you stop going to the gym or that you don’t go after that big account is because… you haven’t written all of these things down. You may be saying, well I can’t write down everything I want to do, that’s ridiculous.

Is it so ridiculous? 

We are here to challenge that thought or mindset, and provide you with some guidance to help you accomplish more than you ever have before. Okay, so here they are… 5 Reasons to Write Down Your Goals are:

  1. You will be able to get clearer and specific about what you want. The very act of writing down your goals will help crystallize the desire. You will begin to see you yourself having what you want and you will be so in touch with what it looks like, that you will be able to describe it in great detail to others.
  2. You will be able to identify your strengths. Once you write down your goals, you will understand what you bring to the table and what is missing. Having written down your goals and being really clear and specific on what you want, you will then be able to determine what you can do and exactly what additional support you will need. For example, you want to take your business to the next level, so you might decide to hire a Business Coach in order to get you further, faster! We  often suggest to our clients to, wherever possible, focus on doing the tasks that you’re good at and hire someone to do the tasks that you’re not good at or that require a great deal of time, energy and learning, (i.e.: marketing, bookkeeping, etc), so that you can spend your precious time and energy, on growing your business instead.
  3. Writing your goals down makes them real. When you see what you want actually written down, it becomes real. Yes, it’s true. My business partner and I meet each month, to go over what we want to accomplish towards our long-term goals, and how much revenue we need to bring in for the coming month or quarter to achieve our short-term goals as well. Let’s just say, writing down your goals truly make them feel more real… the kind of real that can take your breath away, if they weren’t so darned exciting, exhilarating and exactly what we want and what we can manifest!
  4. You will come up with more than one reason to accomplish your goal. This is the real clincher. When you write down your goals, it’s not selfish. It’s about moving forward, stepping outside your comfort zone, modelling the behaviour of a driven, goal-oriented individual to everyone around you. Think of it this way… when you accomplish your goals, this will benefit your financial situation, your business growth, your family, your confidence and how you feel overall -incredible right!
  5. You will want to finish what you started. How many of us start on a journey and for whatever reason we don’t get to our destination. We get distracted, we find other things to do, things come up that are either more important or we make it seem that way. When you write down your goals, it’s important to attach a value or benefit to completing them. Keep your written goals in a place that is visible to you on a regular basis which will help you stay in touch with them and be better able to accomplish them. The even better part, is that once you are fully engaged with accomplishing your goals, you will automatically start to create a plan as to how you will accomplish your goals.  That is a fact. 

Interestingly though, often we find that people are afraid to write down their goals. It’s happened in our workshops, it’s happened with clients where they are afraid to write down the thing they want most. It’s very natural to be afraid to write them down, because what we have learned is that there are two things we all fear most –fear of failure and/or fear of success. What is truly interesting is that psychologically, once you write something down, your subconscious mind actually begins to go to work on how to make this happen and why it would be a good thing! It’s true. Your body, mind and spirit naturally want to work together, it’s all of the energy that we allow in (often negative energy or thoughts from others) that clash with our body, mind and spirit, start to dampen our trust-in-self and manipulate our belief systems, causing us to shy away from our dreams. 

How can you deal with this?  Again, the act of writing down your goals, identifying your strengths and what your values are, and why it would be beneficial to achieve the goal(s), can help you overcome the negative energy and thoughts. You can replace those negative thoughts instead with positive affirmations, positive self-talk and take a step everyday towards your goal.

Final thoughts… we encourage you to start. Write down what you want most, follow the above 5 steps. You have the power within you to accomplish everything you want. The choice is yours now. Are you ready to make this year, your best year yet?  

Go for it, act on your dreams… I dare you!

Heather Wilson, ATC

Co-Founder | Director of Business Development

Cheetah Fusion Creative Agency

About 8 years ago, I was searching for something to help facilitate and also make setting goals more fun and exciting.

In my corporate life, we had goals passed down from our department head and managers, so it was something that I grew up doing. We would go over the company’s goals and objectives each new fiscal year. We would meet as a department to discuss in detail, the various quadrants that each goal would reflect and how we would measure success in each of those areas.

While I had been setting goals for years and years, throughout my career, I found that I started setting my own goals, driven by a desire to do more, be better and improve my life personally and professionally. During that time, I found my own ways to make goalsetting more fun, creating templates and visuals that some call a vision board now, before I even knew about vision boards. These worked, especially in wanting to have a new house or a new car, or even applying for a new job. I’d go over what I wanted, write down as many details about it, colour make, model, for jobs, what it would feel like to work in that department, how life would change if I were doing what I loved. I would also go through a planning process, identifying my strengths, gaps in knowledge or experience, then figure out what I needed, courses, do interest interviews, etc.

This process worked well, but it was missing something. I had to really think and even upon reflection, sometimes I needed time to go through and figure out what I wanted.

So, I began looking for another way. There had to be another way, right?!  Well, as I discovered about 8 years ago, there was indeed another way. A much better way. That’s when I discovered Mind-mapping!!


What is a mind-map?

The genius who came up with this process is Tony Buzan. He has several patents on this and mind maps. Mind-mapping is taking the term pen-to-paper to a whole new level. It’s letting your ideas flow and your pen fly, allowing your mind to create and allow radiant thinking to draft the plan and get those brilliant ideas onto paper, not stalling your progress thinking so much. Instead, you create a free flowing idea chart giving way to planning and focusing on the developing of your ideas. The mind-mapping process, actually allows us to go into action more quickly and effectively.


How does a mind map work?

A mind-map has several components to it that actually propel your natural radiant thinking process. Once you learn the methodology behind mind-mapping, you can use it for many different applications; goal-setting, fitness and healthy eating practices, organization, decision-making, planning a vacation, and the list goes on!


5 Best Practices for Mind-Mapping

  1. Choose your main idea; Start my Business; Improve my Health & Wellness
  2. Keep an open mind and use a blank piece of paper with coloured pens
  3. Ask yourself questions to keep the ideas flowing; what do I want? What do I need? What helps motivate me?
  4. Resist the urge to think, just allow your ideas to flow and your pen to fly
  5. Take 20-30 minutes to create your mind-map, then choose one idea, move to action with three simple steps and make it happen!

Sound intriguing? If you are interested in learning more about mind-mapping, send us an email at meow@cheetahfusion.com for more information. Are you interested in building a business road-map? If so, we are holding a half-day workshop on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 at OfficeInc where our office is located.

Check out our website for more details at https://cheetahfusion.com/shop/. We would love to help you in make your dreams a reality!

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So much of what we do or want to do is about mindset. Think about waking up early. How much of that is about mindset?  I need to exercise or I want to exercise because I know how it benefits me.  Mindset.  I need to start eating healthier or I know eating healthier will boost my energy and help me feel great.  Mindset. I want my business to be successful, but I’m not sure what is holding me back? Or, I want to be successful, so I will start exploring new avenues to see if I can get better traction in my industry. Mindset. The key to changing your mindset is to look at what’s possible, versus staying in the problem. Being in discovery versus feeling discouraged or stuck.

What does it take to accomplish your goals?  Let’s take for instance, a professional athlete. They are focused. They know what they need to do to win a race and it’s more than just running.  In order to become a professional, top athlete, there are many components to staying focused that their coach will help them understand about what their body needs to maintain their strength, endurance, healthy and equally important -a positive mindset. In business, it’s not that different.  Yes, you do need to have goals to work towards, otherwise what’s the point? That said, in order to meet or exceed your goals, it’s more than just setting goals. It’s about positive self-talk, self-management and believing in yourself, that you CAN accomplish the goals you have set and stay focused.

So, what gets in our way?  Well, we have been working with people for years and we would like to share three factors that we feel can affect one’s mind-set and hold them back from achieving their goals:

  1. Distractions – Something that we have been reflecting on a lot over the last few years, is how is it that one individual can remain laser-focused and make BIG things happen, while another individual seems to be pulled in multiple directions and never seems to get as far in business or their career? We believe that it comes down to allowing distractions to take over. Distractions come in many forms in business; taking on additional projects, even when you have lots to keep you busy. This is usually due to boredom or trying to be all things to everyone. However it usually results in spreading oneself too thin and exhaustion. Same goes for trying to “do it all” and wearing too many hats –something has got to give. So, look for ways to stay focused, such as outsourcing the things that you may not necessarily enjoy or be good at like; bookkeeping, marketing, responding to emails and phone calls. These things can either be accomplished by a Virtual Assistant or a professional who can do it in half the time and will get you results!
  2. No clear vision – have you ever built a house? Or renovated your home? Building a business is kind of like that. It’s important to understand and develop your business with products, services and revenue streams that people want and will buy, to ensure your business is viable and sustainable. You’re essentially building a “Blueprint” for your business, with everything from your foundation, to the rooftop explored and nailed. You want to ensure that your foundation consists of your company values, what you believe in (i.e.: trust, integrity, commitment, service, honesty, etc.). You want to build the cornerstones of your business, which is essentially your business model, what you offer, your expertise, how you deliver and how you make money. Your vision must be clear. It must have a purpose and a plan attached, otherwise, you will continue to spin and get caught in the weeds again and again. Find a support system, a mastermind or think tank group, or if possible a business coach or strategist to help outline your vision and develop a plan to get your business either off the ground or take it to the next level. Most businesses fail because they do not have a clear vision and a plan. There are plenty of customers out there for everyone –you just need to understand how to find them, bring them in, serve them and keep them satisfied. Business is meant to be a collaboration, no going it alone –it’s difficult to do anything alone. Find your tribe and get rockin’ your biz! Additionally, we usually recommend a mind-mapping session to help bring out your brilliant ideas and move all of that idea-clutter to paper, so that you can begin sorting and prioritizing your ideas into what makes sense for your business and what you can leave for a later date.  Again, allowing you to focus and develop a clear vision.
  3. Lack of passion – quite honestly, if you’re not passionate about your business, it’s important to step back and rethink starting or continuing with your business. People read you and your energy and if your passion has gone or isn’t there, customers and/or people in your network will know it. If your passion has simply dimmed due to circumstances, do some soul-searching and figure out where it went, what you really want and either reignite that passion and fire, or step away. The last thing you want is to spend time, money and energy on something you don’t love. If you find you are still passionate, but you’ve simply been bogged down by challenges, or going off into the weeds, join a group or mastermind, or hire a business coach to help figure out how to get back to doing more of what you love –it’s worth it, if you still love what you do. Sometimes we just get lost and think there’s no way out or we get stuck. There’s help out there… go get it and get fired up again –either about this or another business idea!!

What is the common denominator in all of the above? Mind-set. How we feel is what generates the energy or diminishes the energy for doing things. Our mind is like a machine, if it’s well maintained and the operator uses it properly, it will work very well. We need to nurture our mind-set particularly as entrepreneurs, so we don’t get stuck, by practicing positive self-talk, brainstorming with people you trust to give you objective, helpful feedback and by setting clear goals around what you want. It’s important to develop a clear vision and follow your passion in order to have a mind-set that works for you, not against you.

So, on that note, in terms of moving forward in your business, we decided we need to introduce the idea of mind-setting, rather than the old-school goal-setting method when it comes to business. This is a concept you, as an entrepreneur will definitely understand. Think about those days when you are not sure how you will pay the bills at the end of the month? Then you have a ‘brainwave’ and suddenly everything changes and you’re off and running with a brilliant idea!  Keeping a positive mind-set is so important, as it is the gateway to innovation, motivation, creativity and inspiration!  What if we applied these principals to our short-term and long-term goals? Imagine the possibilities!

Are you ready to shift from ‘goal-setting’ to ‘mind-setting’?  The difference is our experiences, our beliefs and values exist in our mind. When we believe we can achieve something, we go ahead and we do it!  Whereas, it doesn’t matter what goals you write down on paper, if you don’t believe them, it’s highly unlikely they will take off. The beauty of the mind is, we can change. We can start to map-out our goals in our mind, then using a wonderful tool called the mind-map, you can start to brainstorm, drill down on those ideas and put an action plan behind them. Curious about what a mind-map is? Give us a call or email us and we’ll show you!  It’ll blow your mind how fast mind-mapping can take you to the next level in your business. Mind-maps are your radiant thinking –coming to you in colour.  Ready to see what is possible?  Reach out to us today and we’ll take you there!


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