We work with lots of entrepreneurs and business professionals and every so often, we will hear, “I think I’ve lost the passion I had for my business. Maybe I’ve been doing it too long. Perhaps I need a change!” 

Sure, this may be true. Our business or our jobs are like a relationship or a marriage. Like any relationship or marriage, we need to work at staying in love with our businesses or our jobs. Sometimes, it’s beneficial every now and then, to reflect on what brought us into the industry or the role we are in, and ask ourselves, why do I love what I do again? Sometimes we fall out of love because we get up caught in the doing of the job, or the running of the business and that can wear us down. Some days are really challenging, things don’t go well and pretty soon, if you’re not mindful of it, you start to resent the very thing you loved and the business you worked so hard to grow.  

While it sometimes feels as though it came up suddenly, it didn’t. This like any marriage breakdown or failed relationship happens over time. It happens while we are so busy trying to making ends meet, growing and hiring, building our empire and not paying attention to ourselves, how we feel and whether or not we have celebrated our successes along the way. It happens when we least expect it and one day, we wake up and wonder where all those years went… and why we feel so exhausted and worn out.

If you are feeling this way, if you’re feeling like you want to quit, sell your business or do something else. Before you do, ask yourself these three questions:

Why did I start this business?
What do I still love about it?
What do I need to get back to where I was?

My hope is that everyone takes time to reflect on this, to ‘stay in love’ with your business or profession. It’s very easy to lose touch with ‘Why’ we do what we do, when we get rolling along. The key is to remember that, people connect with others, not for what they do, or how they do it, but why they do it. 

Here are a few key questions that can help you discover or re-discover your “Why”:

What is the driving force, or what motivates you to get up each day?
What are you truly passionate about? Why?
Who are you doing it all for? Is it for you? Is it for your family? Is it to improve your health and wellness? Reduce stress? Rediscover who you are?
Why are you doing this? What has changed for you to be considering a career change, or a new direction?
Are you wanting a different lifestyle?
Have you suddenly realized you can do your job better, if you weren’t restricted by the corporate umbrella or rules?

All of these questions can help you determine your “Why” and your true life’s purpose. This is a good exercise if you are wavering on whether or not you should keep on, keeping on! Or if you are on the fence with a decision. Going through this process can help in business and in many life decisions. It helps you get out of your head and reflect with your heart and soul. Using your head and thinking about the pros and cons can serve you well, but it can also have us going in theoretical circles. When you ask yourself the questions above, reflect with your heart, use your intuition, even meditate through this process, you can often come to a way more viable conclusion.

We hope you will find this process helpful. Next month, we will be talking about setting goals to support you, your values and what is relevant to your life for 2019!! We are here to help too, so reach out and let us know how you’re doing!


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