Are you finding it challenging to stay focused on your work? Perhaps you have children who are running around or fussing because they are bored, and you’re having a difficult time getting anything done? You may be feeling out of sorts, out of your regular routine and perhaps even a bit confused. These are all very normal feelings for these unprecedented circumstances.

The key is to remain present in the moment and practice gratitude for all the good things in your day-to-day. It’s true. We cannot experience worry or stress when we are in gratitude. How can you practice gratitude throughout your day? Well, you can do that in a few ways. You can journal and write out what you are grateful for each morning or evening. You can thank your children for playing quietly when you were on a call. You can thank your clients or potential clients for their understanding in the first line of your email back to them when responding to their inquiry. Practicing gratitude, taking breaks and getting outdoors for a walk throughout your day, or watching your children play in your backyard, can help to keep you present during this pandemic. Another way to stay positive and present, is to first acknowledge any fears, emotions or feelings and then release them through journaling so that those emotions and feelings do not translate into arguments or strife, adding more stress during isolation.

A few tips for settling into our new normal, at least for a little while…

Have a solid schedule in place each day. We use time-blocking regularly in our office. Now that we are all working remotely, it’s up to each of us to be accountable for our various tasks. The key to effectively working from home and especially with children sharing your office time is to set good boundaries and clear expectations, and then manage them accordingly. Set out a daily schedule for yourself and your family:

  • Wake up at a reasonable time each day, get dressed and eat breakfast. If you have a partner or family, you can eat breakfast together and this can be a really positive start to each day and will set the tone.
  • Plan out meals and snacks using a whiteboard or chart, if you can, as the visual will be helpful for everyone to know what you’re eating and when.
  • Providing your children with activities that stimulate their creativity such as; drawing, painting or building with blocks or Lego, can keep them busy while you are on a call or when you need to focus on a particular, time-sensitive task. 
  • Quiet time for reading can help them feel calm and get lost in the story or the image of a puzzle they are working on.
  • Ensure that your children have outside time for that dose of fresh air, a little vitamin D and some great exercise, as we know active bodies help to keep their minds healthy and balanced as well. 
  • Setting boundaries is having that conversation with your young children to say, “When I am on a call, or my office door is closed, that means that I need for you to play or do an activity.” will help manage their day and let them know your needs. Communicate the importance of their role in supporting you and your work. They will respect that of you and they will also look forward to Mommy and/or Daddy time later on!

Practice good health and wellness. We all know that eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercise are all good for us. How well do you practice all of this on a day-to-day basis though? There are a few ways to practice good health and take care of our own well-being. For instance, taking frequent breaks. Get up from your desk, go for a brisk walk to get your blood circulating can drastically improve your mental health, your ability to focus and think clearly. We all need a break and especially during this type of uncertainty, when your mind begins to wander, you may begin to feel worried and stressed. You may start thinking about the future and asking yourself questions like; what will happen with work or my business? How long will this continue? Will everything be okay? Will my family and I be safe? Thinking too much into the future can conjure up fear and have you creating stories. A good way to alleviate stress and worry is to stay present and breathe.

Stay connected with colleagues and peers. Yes, there are so many ways to connect with other people today. Be sure to pick up the phone, text, Facetime, Facebook Live,  or use Zoom to reach out to your friends, colleagues, and family. Human connection is absolutely critical at the best of times. In this current state of self-isolation, it is even more critical to connect with others and make sure we all are safe, healthy and well -both mentally and physically. It’s a great time as well, to brainstorm and share your ideas. You can take this opportunity to learn and grow together. This is what we talked about earlier as well, with balance and taking breaks -you can go for a walk and call a colleague, a friend or your business partner to go over some ideas. Often the best ideas and innovation come out of spontaneous conversations. 

Play relaxing music while you work. YouTube and Spotify have incredible and endless amounts of music, everything from meditation to positive energy beats. Choose music that is both uplifting and relaxing. This can raise your vibration during the day and thus keeping your energy up, especially since you are likely working alone right now with COVID-19 isolation in full effect. The one thing that I notice when I’m listening to music, specifically instrumentals or mediation music, is it actually helps me get very focused and channel my thoughts -particularly certain frequencies. 

Set goals for yourself with real target dates. Yes, these are challenging times and we are not quite sure when things will return to normal. That said, this is the time to really clarify what you want, identify potential opportunities and set goals for yourself and your business. You may be saying, well I feel as though it’s more about survival right now. Okay, you are probably right and that also requires goals and target dates. You may want to look at what you can do to keep some income flowing in, while your business and most businesses are pretty much closed. Ask yourself, What is possible right now? How can I best use my time to create something cool? What is the opportunity? What do people need right now? Am I able to offer them that “Something”??

We trust that you found these tips helpful in your quest for strategies to work more effectively from home! Please feel free to reach out to us and ask us questions, or share your feedback. We wish you, your family, friends, and colleagues, continued good health during this COVID-19 situation.

Stay home if you can, be safe and be well!

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