You have a website and you are rocking your business—
Congratulations! Now what?

It’s important to keep that investment of yours, running well. Similar to your home, your vehicle, your furnace, your pool which requires regular check-ups to maintain good health. Your website also needs regular check-ups and maintenance.

How come?

Well, in reviewing your site’s performance and doing regular updates, much like changing the oil in your car or the filter in your furnace, we can watch for and tune-up any functionality revisions and security updates; to potentially prevent big problems or crashes.

With that in mind, How do you get started on your website care and maintenance plan?

We at Cheetah Fusion Creative, are excited to present to you our website care and maintenance plans—customized to meet your unique business needs. We have provided details below about each plan, pricing, and what will be included with your package.

Simply scroll down and complete the form below to get your plan in place, and from there we can assess your plans and your needs quarterly to ensure it’s suitable!

Packages starting as low as:

Starter Package

$20+HST Monthly

Perfect for new and small businesses

Full Care

$25+HST Monthly

For fast-growing businesses, blogs, portfolios

Extended Care

$35+HST Monthly

Recommended for frequently updated e-commerce websites and larger websites

  • Website Care & Maintenance Questionnaire

  • Based on your individual business needs, we will review your answers below and follow up with the next steps to get your website on a maintenance care schedule.
  • Please list any further questions, concerns or specifications for your business.

Your plan will include:

    • Monthly System Updates

    • Monthly Backups

    • Meow Ticket Support

Your plan may additionally include:

    • Content Updates & Revisions

    • SEO Monitoring and Optimization

    • Web Hosting

    • Dedicated SSL